How I eat my lahpet thoke aka Burmese tea leaf salad

Lahpet thoke aka tea leaf salad, pickled tea leaf salad to be precise, is one of the most typical Burmese food. Lahpet means tea leaf, and thoke means salad. So, a ready-made, ready to eat lahpet package usually looks like this.

3 cloves of garlic is enough. Yellow ones are ginger.

Here we have a pack of pickled tea leaves and another one with crisp fried peanuts and peas and toasted sesame seeds. Some packages separate the peanuts, peas, and add other stuffs like fried garlic or other type of peas into the mix. You can eat as it is or upgrade it. Now, there are loads of different ways to eat lahpet thoke and I am happy with all of them :D. But, this is how I typically prepare the salad, easy and fuss-free.

First, I crush/grind toasted dried chilli and garlic with a little bit of salt using a mortar and pestle (don´t have ones? Its all good, you can mince them), then add the picked tea leaf. Then slice shallots or onion (I personally prefer shallot) and ginger into thin stripes. Pour everything in a large bowl and season with any type of oil and mix well together and transfer them into a clean and shallow plate.

Serve with tea. Eat with rice and it´s awesome, too.

Well, that´s how I like to eat. Some also add tomatoes and shredded cabbage, and green chilli instead of dried ones. There´s quite a lot of oil in the salad, so drink plenty of tea. If you are going out later the day or even the next day, you may want to NOT add shallots and garlic.