Easy Chocolate Banana Toast

So I craved chocolate toast really really bad one night during last week, that kind of craving where your mouth or (your mind) just must have chocolate and nothing else than chocolate will make you feel better. So, I called the gas station downstair, you know, taking laziness to the next level, and asked if they had Nutella. Turned out, they hadn´t. It´s 4 minutes to 10PM and the store nearby was closed already. Totally disappointed, I headed to the kitchen to find anything that looked like chocolate. So I searched everywhere, and at one point, I saw a Nutella jar smiling at me from the back of a shelf.

Let us take a moment of silence!

I was so happy I felt instantly rich or something. Plus, I found a banana that almost died. So, I decided to make a banana chocolate toast. And by the way, the Nutella was actually dying soon, meaning it was almost empty I had to scrape everything out from the wall of the jar. Honestly, all I have written so far are totally useless. If you´ve made this far, I´m sorry and I will really now get to the point.

Changrawh (bread ka leh chommi, a hmanmi ka chim te u law) kha chocolate thuh, banhla riam i chiah, adang changrawh in khuh, chiti tlawm te he mei a sa tuk lo mi ah kio. 

So how you make a chocolate banana toast or two without a toaster is as the following: first, spread the Nutella over your bread, slice the banana, put them over and close with another slice of bread, which is covered with butter or Nutella. Then, heat a frying pan, add a little bit of oil and fry/toast the bread in medium to medium-low heat. Turn the bread when the bread becomes brown and nice.

A thaw tuk.

Sweet December <3 !