Spicy pork chops with bamboo shoots- Voksa le Tuai Kio

I never liked bamboo shoots, but my parents love them, so they are always in the fridge or in the soup or in the curry. So, I finally decided to give them another chance (yeah, the bamboo shoots) by eating them in a different way. And I found out that I really like them when they are stir-fried a little longer until they are around 87% dry. If you´ve always hated bamboo shoots and have never tried this way, you definitely should. Why not, right?

So, here are the ingredients of the dish:

Boneless pork chops           2 pieces

Bamboo shoots                     Some (hehe, please look at the picture)

Fresh chilli                             3 or 4 (or 0 or 1)

Chili powder                          1 tablespoon

Chicken powder                    1 tablespoon

Lime                                          0.5

Shallots                                    2

Oil (for frying)                           1.5 tablespoon

This much bamboo shoots 😀 

How we do:

Cut the pork chops into smaller pieces and mix with chicken power, chili power and lime juice, and let them marinade for a while. In the mean time, cut the bamboo shoots into thin stripes if you wish and do the same with shallots and fresh chili. Any size you cut is okay.


Then, heat the frying pan/pot in high heat, add the oil and start frying the pork chops pieces for about 8 minutes. Then add the shallots and chili, stir, and then finally the bamboo shoots .The pork was already cooked from the first 8 minutes and the bamboo shoots are made ready to eat, so it´s totally up to you how long you want to fry. For me, I like my bamboo dry, so I fry about another 15 more minutes. Oh and, please don´t forget to stir often. The chicken powder is both salty and sweet, so taste before you add another pinch of salt or the chicken powder itself.

Serve with rice. I think this will be delicious with spaghetti and pasta as well.