Rome ah ni 3 le cheu – Ni khatnak # 3.5 Days in Rome- Day 1

Nai kha Rome ah ka hawi le pahnih he kan kal cu mu. Blog post pakhat ah ka ttial dih lai ti kaa tim ko nain a sau lai caah le hmanthlak tam deuh tar khawh ka duh caah nikhat tete in kaa tial lai mu. Bia ruah zong a nuam pah tiah, Christmas lai a si fawn, coffee silole tea van i lak hna u sih!

Let´s go to Roma!

Zingka thawh ka uar lo tuk nain Europe chung khual tlawn ah hin cun zingka deuh aa thawhmi vanlawng hi kaa thim deuh tawn: a man a fawi deuh pinah zingka deuh phanh ahcun tam deuh vah khawh a si i hotel man liammi a phu deuh ka ti. Tutan zong hi kan vanlawng 8:50 AM in a kal ding a si i kei cu kaa hngilh kho hoi ti lo. 5AM in kan tho i 6 AM ah kapa nih Flo he Lillestrøm tiang an kan thlah i tlanglawng in kan lan, Oslo Airport kan phanh cu 7:20 hrawng si rua ka ti. Minung pathum caah check-in bag 1 kan cawk, hnahnokmi ttamhnak tipawl poah kan rawn dih i a zaang deuhmi tete le airport security caah hnahnok lo mi tete deuh kan i ken.

All ready!

Nikhua a chia i kan vanlawng suimilam pakhat bak a hnu. Tlawmpal Norway kan lonh ahcun nikhua bak a ttha colh i ka mitkuh a vuai lo bu bak khin ka ha lawng a lang cang. Oslo in Rome hi suimilam 3 chung cit a si i eidin pawl a zuar in an zuar. Norway phaisa le Denmark phaisa an lak nain Euro an la lo i ka khuaruah a har ngai. Kan phaisa ngeihmi chun a tam deuh cu Euro ah kan thlen cang i Euro van pek khi kan i ngaih ngai cu mu. Aw, kan kalnak airline cu Norwegian a si.

Norwegian a kalnak khua ka tlawn ahcun anmah in zuan ka duh bik ko. Ka uar tuk hna nak cu vanlawng cung ah first class le economy tbk. an tthen lo caah a si. Mah te khi ka uar nak cu a si.

Rome i Fiumicino airport kan phanh cun 1PM hrawng a si, tlanglawng kan i cit i khuachung Termini tiang suimilam cheu hrawng kan i cit.

On the way to Rome
This view reminds me so much of Yangon in Burma

Termini cun anmah central station khi a si i mah ka zawn cun khoika kal poah a fawi, kan hotel zong Termini pawng teah a um, cun a pawng ah hin rawl dawr phunphun a tling.

Mah hi termini cu a si.

Rawl man zong khika hrawng ah aa deng bik. Nan kal tik cu mah ka hrawng khan tlung te uh mu. Tlanglawng man hi machine ah mah tein i cawk ahcun 14Euros a si nain kiosk phun ah kan cawk i 16 Euros kan pek, kan rak thei lo cu mu. Minung pathum hrawng si ahcun taxi zong a ok pah ko rua nain, ttha tein bia i ruah cia ah a ttha.

Airport to/from city -train ticket 14 Euros from the machine


2 PM hrawngah ah khuachung kan phan, chuncaw kan ei dih cu 3PM hrawng a si i hotel ah kan kal. Europe cu khuasik ahcun khuamuih a tuanh pinah kan tha zong a ba pah i a dang ah kal rih loin kan umnak pawngkam i a min thangmi pawl kan ke in kan vah zoh.

Rome at night @Right in front of Termini (The Central Station)

Mah lakah zoh hrimhrim ding ka timi pathum a um.

1.The Basillica of Santa Maria Maggiore

A must see!


Hi biakinn hi Rome i Catholic biakinn ah a ngan bik (siloah a ngan bik pakhat aa tel ve) a si 4th-5th Century hrawng ah rak dirhmi a si. Jesus a nu Mary upatnak ah an sakmi a si.

2. The Bassilica of St. Mary of the Angels and the Martyrs

Anmah holh in cun Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri tiah an auh i Mary le vanmi le Khrihfa sinak ruangah thahmi matyrs pawl upatnak caah an tuahmi a si. A chung luh bak ding a si ka ti. Ka lung ah a tang tukmi cu a lu an tanmi John a lu an piahmi a si.

Head of John the Baptist inside the church

Hi biakinn hi Piazza della Repubbica timi ah a ummi a si.

3. Piazza della Repubblica


Hi zong hi minthang a si. Rome i an lampi (main road) aa thawknak zong a si.


A dang zong kan zoh chih len nain kan phone battery a dih pah nawn dih i aa kawl kho ti lo. Zaanlei cu pasta kan ei i 10PM hrawng ah kan ttin.

Ni hnihnak hi kaa nuamh bik ni a si i adang tein ka rak ttial lai mu.

Sneak peak of Day 2







Norwegian Winter and Salmon

Salmon is hands down one of my favourite Norwegian products. Others include Norwegian water, strawberries and Zalo (dish soap), and that´s all I can think of for now. Back to salmon!

Ka meh meilah (my go-to dinner)

How do you eat your salmon? I´d normally microwave them because it´s the easiest way. I like simplifying processes if the end results are not that different, you know what I mean? But today, I grilled them in the oven and they taste pretty delicious and its also very easy to make, so I thought I´d share. I just wash the salmon, sprinkle with salt, set the oven to 200 degree Celcius and grill them  for about 20 minutes, and that´s how I grill my salmon.

Ngasa ttawl, cite te phulh, 200 degree in rawh, car nawn tein a thaw tuk

Some wise people say that we need to eat salmon at least twice a week in the winter to protect ourselves from the very cold Norwegian winter, and also to take advantage of all the goodness salmon offer. I need not to say more on this, you know better.

Kiwi ah First Price timi kha cawk ah cun a a man aa deng deuh tuk kha mu. Mi cheu, a bikin pa pawl, zoh hmasa loin cawk a hmangmi an tam caah ti bia 😀 A man aa dang tuk lai khah, first price le price lo.

Norwegian Beauty -How Great Thou Art!

O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder,

Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made;

Glomma-the longest and largest river in Norway

I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,

Thy power throughout the universe displayed.

Drammen from the top of Spiralen – the spiral tunnel(?)mountain – you come here yourself and ask the name!

When through the woods, and forest glades I wander,

And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees.


When I look down, from lofty mountain grandeur

And see the brook, and feel the gentle breeze.

Birdview of Drammen City from the top of Spiralen

And when I think, that God, His Son not sparing;

Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in;

summer moon
breezy summer night @Stabekk

That on the cross, my burden gladly bearing,

He bled and died to take away my sin


He makes me lie down in green pastures,

he leads me beside quiet waters,

he refreshes my soul.

(Psalm 23)


When Christ shall come, with shout of acclamation,

And take me home, what joy shall fill my heart.

Then I shall bow, in humble adoration,

And then proclaim, “My God, how great Thou art!”

Oslo S
Oslo S

Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee,

How great Thou art! How great Thou art!

Norway Anttam Part 2 : Eidan A Phunphun – the Many Ways of Eating Norwegian Wild Mustard

(Available also in English)

Mah anttam a thawtnak kong hi tuan ah voi khat ka post cang nain a thaw tuk i ka rak post tthan rih ko lai. Amah tein a kheumi a si fawn caah a duhmi caah cun a hlawk tuk. A phunphun in kan ei i hman ka thlak manhmi pawl kan piah hna lai mu.

Norway anttam phun 1 - a hratmi
Norwegian wild mustard (the unofficial name)

Nobody I know knows the name of this plant, some people simply call them Norwegian mustard. So, Norwegian mustard, it is. To be on the safer side, Norwegian wild mustard. Simply because they look like mustard and they are wild plants and they are from Norway. As simple as that! 😉 

So, here are the many ways of eating Norwegian mustard, wild mustard. 


Boil them with a bunch of different veggies such as green beans, bamboo shoots, zukini,  and eat with chia seeds.
Boil them with a bunch of different veggies such as green beans, bamboo shoots, zukini, and eat with chia seeds.


Stir-fry them with cooked pork.
Stir-fry them with cooked pork.


Stir-fry with dried shrimp.
Stir-fry with dried shrimp.


As veggie soup.
As veggie soup with ginger


With meatballs (actually kjøttkaker-meat cake?)
With meatballs (actually kjøttkaker-meat cake?) Oh yes, you have to fry!


Best for breakfast lovers.
Best for breakfast lovers.


Soak them in boiling water for a minute, and dip with your fav. sauce.
Soak them in boiling water for a minute, and dip with your fav. sauce.

Mah a hnu bik ta hi riam in piat le mepe phomhmi he toh zong in a thaw tuk. A kha pah lai, anttam bantuk khi a si ko.

I think you should try this if you are up for trying new things. If it tastes a bit bitter, then no worries, it just means that you´ve got the right one.