Grilled chicken and pennywort salad

(Hmanthlak a tang tete ah LAI holh in ka ttial)

These mix of chicken wings and drumsticks is from Kiwi at First Price and cost around 47NOK (Norwegian Kroner). They are already marinated and are ready for grill. So, we´ll just grill them in the oven at 200 degree (Celcius) for about 30-40 minutes.

Arsa thla le phei cawhmi (Kiwi ah 47Kr hrawng) 200 degree ah suimilam a cheu hrawng rawh, car nawn te duh ahcun minute 40 hrawng

For the pennywort sald, we will need the following.

Some Indian pennywort (as much as you want)

1 Big tomato

1 Onion

Some roasted peanuts

1/4 Lemon


Chili flakes

1 Teaspoon of any oil

Wash the pennyworts, tomato and cut them into small pieces. Slice the onion, crush the peanuts and put everything in a large bowl. Add salt, chilli flakes, oil and squeeze the lemon and mix them well.

Rangtinbelh toh (rangtinbelh tlawmpal, khayanchinti, piat, mepe phomh+cite + hmanphek+retei+chiti tlawmte) 

Serve with or without rice :D. Bon appetit!  I think the chicken will be awesome with some beer!


Arsa rawh hi a al pah i rangtinbelh toh a thor nawn te he aa tlak ngai. 




The simplest way of grilling the best grilled chicken- Arsa rawh fawi tukmi

(Available also in English)

Chun ah coffee tamtuk ka din sual i zingkei suimilam 3:30 AM a si cang nain kaa hngilh kho rih lo. Din sual zong a si lem lo, din hramhram pah a si ko i hei i sungh ko ning ka ti. I zuam len ve komi aa hlei lo mi nak in cun thawh i santlai deuhmi tuah ah a nuam deuh lai tiah, arsa rawh kong ttial ah ka tho lawlaw tthan.

This one can go with salad, rice, water, noodle, any drinks, and basically everything, and even with socks :O -kidding, tho!
This one can go with salad, rice, noodle, water, any drinks, and basically everything, and even with socks :O -kidding, tho! Please don´t eat with socks, yeah?

Mah arsa rawh hi cu ka arsarawh meilah bak a si, khuazeimaw deuhin chim ahcun ka signature kan ti lai cu. A fawi tuk, a thaw tuk fawn i rak test cio te u law tiah.

Sauce caah arsadip, voksadip, cite, azawngttin tlawmpal kha ti he kan cawh hna lai. Chiti a hau lo, arsa vun nih chiti a chuahpi te ko lai.

Arsa kan duhnak paoh kha kan duhmi tia in, kan duh ning tein kan can hna lai, naamte a duhmi nih naamte, naampi a duhmi nih naampi, vainaam a duhmi nih vainaam. Kei cu aa can dih ciami arsa phei lawngte an funmi khi a fawi bik ka ti. Sweden ah a man a fawi te ko khah.

All you need to do in one picture :)
All you need to do in one picture 🙂

Kan arsa le sauce kha kan cawh hna lai i caan kan ngeih ahcun minute 30 hrawng kan hei ciah ter hna hnga. Caan ngeih lo ahcun rawh colh a si cang ko. Mei 200 degree C in suimilam 1 chung hrawng ka hngah, a car lo deuhmi a duhmi caah cun mah duhzat in a hmin tiang rawh ding a si ko.

Khamhhmuai le khachuan phomh kha sauce ah peih chih ah a thaw ngai.

Ka chim duhmi cu mah hi a si.
Ka chim duhmi cu mah hi a si.

For Non-Chin readers

For the Sauce:

Chicken powder

Pork powder


Chili Power (Just for color and it’s not spicy at all, or may be a litttttle bit)


Chicken (any part of any size, your choice!)

Mix everything and we have the sauce. Marinate the chicken in the sauce for about half an hour, or a night, or a minute. Again, your choice, more power to you! 🙂 Grill the chicken in the oven for about an hour (or less) at around 200 degree Celsius.

Do you think this is such a lousy instruction? I think it is. But there are no rules in cooking as long as we are happy with what we get, right?

So, I hope you get inspired, at least!

One of Asian herbs called Hairy Basil leaf is awesome to add into this sauce. Now, if you go to your local Asian market for this herb, please be ready to get confused by other different types of basil. They look quite alike, but they smell differently. That one Hairy Basil leaf is also called Lemon Basil and it is Menglak in Thai, and I’m not even Thai, but they usually come from Thailand, so yeah, Menglak!

Click for different types of basil

Feel free to add garlic in your sauce as well, if you’d like.

Chicken wings marinated with the sauce +hairy basil and garlic (obviously)
Chicken wings marinated with the sauce +hairy basil and garlic (obviously)

Have a blessed Sunday! <3