Super easy and super delicious cabbage salad – Kawpi toh

Hello, you awesome peeps! Long time to talk about food :D. I hope you´re having a great Friday so far. The past two weeks have been a pretty busy period for me, you know, that time when you suddenly have a lot of deadlines from every aspect of your life. Anyways, I´m not here to talk about life, but food, so here it is.

Cabbage salad is a very common Burmese dish and there are many ways to prepare it with loads of different ingredients. But this one that I am going to share is one of the most minimalist ones, and very healthy and also very delicious. For this one, you´re going to need the following:




Toasted dried chilli flakes



For quantity, please refer to the photos. I never follow the exact amount of ingredients from any recipe, so I suggest you play with that part, too.

How we do is pretty simple, rinse and shred the cabbage and coriander, and also shallot. Mix everything in a bowl and you´re practically done. You can squeeze half a lime or lemon over it if you will.


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You can serve it as it is, or with rice, spaghetti or any meat. This one is a side-dish that goes well with pretty much everything. Have you seen my pork stew-how to video on youtube? No, you haven´t? Here´s the link.

The salad is very delicious with this pork stew.