Super easy and super delicious cabbage salad – Kawpi toh

Hello, you awesome peeps! Long time to talk about food :D. I hope you´re having a great Friday so far. The past two weeks have been a pretty busy period for me, you know, that time when you suddenly have a lot of deadlines from every aspect of your life. Anyways, I´m not here to talk about life, but food, so here it is.

Cabbage salad is a very common Burmese dish and there are many ways to prepare it with loads of different ingredients. But this one that I am going to share is one of the most minimalist ones, and very healthy and also very delicious. For this one, you´re going to need the following:




Toasted dried chilli flakes



For quantity, please refer to the photos. I never follow the exact amount of ingredients from any recipe, so I suggest you play with that part, too.

How we do is pretty simple, rinse and shred the cabbage and coriander, and also shallot. Mix everything in a bowl and you´re practically done. You can squeeze half a lime or lemon over it if you will.


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You can serve it as it is, or with rice, spaghetti or any meat. This one is a side-dish that goes well with pretty much everything. Have you seen my pork stew-how to video on youtube? No, you haven´t? Here´s the link.

The salad is very delicious with this pork stew.

Burmese style beef curry – cawsa si (ma) pyan

This one is a very typical Burmese curry. I always thought only grown-ups can cook this one (well, real ones), however, when you really break the process down, it really isn´t that difficult. Or may be I´ve unintentionally became one of those real grown-ups, I don´t know. Anyhow, this curry is delicious, so I totally think you should try.

The ingredients

Beef                            1 kg or less (for about 5 servings)

Lime                           1

Beef powder             1 tablespoon

Chilli powder          1 tablespoon

Oil                              1 tablespoon


Onion                                    1

Garlic                         4 cloves

Ginger                        About 3x1inch piece

How we do:

First, cut the meat into smaller cubes or any shape you want, squeeze the lime over it, season with salt, beef and chilli powder and marinate it, I marinated it for a night because I like preparing stuffs beforehand. If you have 3 hours, it´s okay, an hour, fine. If you don´t have time at all, it´s still all good. You can go straight into the next step. If chilli powder is too much for you, you can ditch it and add turmeric powder; your curry will be yellow then.



Cut the onion, garlic and ginger and then grind them using mortar and pestle, or like I did, use a blender. You don´t have to blend it till you get a perfect paste out of it. If your blender has a hard time working, add a little bit of water. When the stuffs are blended, mix these with the meat; add oil and half a glass of water.


You can add more water if you opt for more sauce. Cook them in medium heat, it will take about 1.5 hour, you can do your homework meanwhile, or even better, Netflix and chill!


Serve with rice and a clean vegetable soup.