2016 ah uar bikmi pawl – Best of 2016

Nuam cem ka timi (Favourite memory)

US tlawn lio hawi le he I ton

London ah hawi thar he I ton

Meeting my childhood friends in the States

Meeting new friends in London


Favourite city

Chicago <3


Single hnu kaa hammi (Crush)

Justin Trudeau (patung a si i phiat colh hau)


Uar Cemmi apps (Favourite apps)



Snapchat filter


Hman cemmi (uniform :D) Most used

RIP, Joni (Top Shop) 2014-2016
Discount ka ngahmi camera (Samsung NX3300)
No brand sunnies
This coat (Mah angki leng)

+ka lukhuh

Uar cemmi bia (Favourite quote)

Ttih hlah!

“ Fear not, there is nothing to fear´´ (Jesus)

“ Fear is a lie´´ (Hillsong Church- Central London)


Huam tharmi kong (new interest field)

Mipem kong (Migration/ diaspora study)


Nunnak kong ah fim a ka chim ngaimi (Life guide/inspiration)


“ …´´ – a min ka chim ahcun nan hngalh dih lai


Terri Savelle Foy

Kanu le kapa hi thil hmete an tuah zong ah an felfai tein an tuah timi hngalhnak

My new found knowledge/realization that my parents try their best in everything they do.


Uar cemmi cauk (Favourite books)


The 7 habits of highly effective people (Steven R. Covey)

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership (John Maxwell)

The Lost Dictionary (Wim Vervest)


Irrawaddy Tango (Wendy Law-Yone)

Cawn tharmi (Important things I learnt)

Fahnak nawl kan pekmi hna lawng nih an kan fah ter khawh.

An boah mi poah lung in cheh an hau lo.

Vui ke – sexy lo 😉 – Sonhtarhnak = excuse

(Palh hlan ah chim cia I timh lem lo i palh hnu ah sonhternak kawl khi ti bia)

Offenses do not affect you unless you take it. Don´t fight battles that don´t matter.

Excuses – not sexy.


Va ngeih a ka huam ter takmi nuva pawl

(Couples that make me want to get married)

  1. Kani Lynda Sung Tin le Thawngpi
  2. Cerku le Johan
  3. uTun le uSan
  4. Sungku le Ram
  5. Andy le Sonia (Youtube)
  6. Azi le Ivan Cung Chin (Nelson, NZ)
  7. Mary le Lunglung
  8. Hanna Yeoh