Spicy delicious banana flower salad

If you´re wondering what the heck a banana flower is, it is the purple thingy that comes out of a banana tree. And yes, it is edible and very delicious. Not only that, it´s packed with vitamins, A, C, E, and K, says google. So it´s really healthy as well.

Here´s what we need for this recipe.

Banana flower                                  1/2

Shallots                                              3-4

Spring onion

Garlic                                                  1 head



Dried shrimp (optional)

Chicken powder (optional)

Chili powder (optional)

(Quantities are just for suggestion)


How we do:

Cut the banana flower (the whole thing) into thin slices/pieces. Wash and cook them in boiling water for about 10 minutes. You can do the whole piece and save half for later.

Meanwhile soak dried shrimp in hot water for a few minutes, strain the water, and crush them with mortar and pestle.

Next, clean and cut the shallot, garlic and spring onion and fry them along with the crushed dried shrimp. You can add a pinch of chicken power. And let it cool. Remember to leave out half of the green shallot for raw oniony taste.

Then when the banana flower is well cooked, strain hot water. Let it cool for a couple of minutes or you can also run cold water over it. When it´s cooled down, squeeze out excess water.

Mix everything together in a bowl. Add salt and chili to taste. And it´s ready!