Ngabawm kio -Spicy fried canned mackerel

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Ngatalauh (canned fish/mackerel) hi a phunphun in ei cio a si i, Norway ta hi changrawh (bread) he zong kan ei, buh he zong kan ei, dotla takmi meh a si. A rim te cu a mak pah hen ta. Tutan hi cu mackerel bawm ro nawn tein, thak nawn tein kiomi , a tuah a fawi fawn i a thaw taktak mi rak ttial ka duh. Karen nu ka hawi nu nih tuah dan a ka chimhmi a si. Kan herhmi cu mah vial hi a si ko.



Piat kha hme tete in kan par lai i, hmanphek cian (a thah dan a tlawm deuh) tam nawn he sum ah kan phomh lai. Cip tuk a hau lo. Piat phomh sin ah kan mackerel kha kan rial chih lai, cite tlawmte kan paih lai.



Chiti tam tuk lo in ukang ah linh in kio a si cang ko. Cawh pah lengmang a hau. Minute 25 hrawng ahcun ro nawnte aa cang ko lai.


For English readers:

Canned mackerel is a very versatile food. In Norway we eat this with crisp bread, non crisp bread, rice and just everything. This time we are going to fry the canned fish. All we need for this one are:

2                                 onions

2                                 canned mackerel

2 tablespoons          Oil

1 teaspoon                Salt

Dried chilli flakes (mild ones)


Peel the onions and cut them into small cubes and crush them with dried chilli flakes in mortar and pestle (or use blender). Then add the canned mackerel into the mixture. Heat the oil and fry the paste for about 25 minutes. Stir often.



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