Grilled chicken and pennywort salad

(Hmanthlak a tang tete ah LAI holh in ka ttial)

These mix of chicken wings and drumsticks is from Kiwi at First Price and cost around 47NOK (Norwegian Kroner). They are already marinated and are ready for grill. So, we´ll just grill them in the oven at 200 degree (Celcius) for about 30-40 minutes.

Arsa thla le phei cawhmi (Kiwi ah 47Kr hrawng) 200 degree ah suimilam a cheu hrawng rawh, car nawn te duh ahcun minute 40 hrawng

For the pennywort sald, we will need the following.

Some Indian pennywort (as much as you want)

1 Big tomato

1 Onion

Some roasted peanuts

1/4 Lemon


Chili flakes

1 Teaspoon of any oil

Wash the pennyworts, tomato and cut them into small pieces. Slice the onion, crush the peanuts and put everything in a large bowl. Add salt, chilli flakes, oil and squeeze the lemon and mix them well.

Rangtinbelh toh (rangtinbelh tlawmpal, khayanchinti, piat, mepe phomh+cite + hmanphek+retei+chiti tlawmte) 

Serve with or without rice :D. Bon appetit!  I think the chicken will be awesome with some beer!


Arsa rawh hi a al pah i rangtinbelh toh a thor nawn te he aa tlak ngai. 




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