Norwegian Winter and Salmon

Salmon is hands down one of my favourite Norwegian products. Others include Norwegian water, strawberries and Zalo (dish soap), and that´s all I can think of for now. Back to salmon!

Ka meh meilah (my go-to dinner)

How do you eat your salmon? I´d normally microwave them because it´s the easiest way. I like simplifying processes if the end results are not that different, you know what I mean? But today, I grilled them in the oven and they taste pretty delicious and its also very easy to make, so I thought I´d share. I just wash the salmon, sprinkle with salt, set the oven to 200 degree Celcius and grill them  for about 20 minutes, and that´s how I grill my salmon.

Ngasa ttawl, cite te phulh, 200 degree in rawh, car nawn tein a thaw tuk

Some wise people say that we need to eat salmon at least twice a week in the winter to protect ourselves from the very cold Norwegian winter, and also to take advantage of all the goodness salmon offer. I need not to say more on this, you know better.

Kiwi ah First Price timi kha cawk ah cun a a man aa deng deuh tuk kha mu. Mi cheu, a bikin pa pawl, zoh hmasa loin cawk a hmangmi an tam caah ti bia 😀 A man aa dang tuk lai khah, first price le price lo.

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