Another round of fried egg: Arti le piathnah kio

I can´t believe I´m back with another post on fried egg. This one is so similar to the last post. But, I fried some eggs (again), took photos and seeing how gorgeous they look, I can´t help but share.

Zingka ah sa chuah na philh sual maw? Arti le phiathnah kio.

This is not a how-to post since about 98% of adult population in the world knows how to fry egg (I just made up the number). If you don´t know how to fry egg, where have you been, bro? JK, it´s completely okay not to know how to fry egg.


This fried egg this time requires a few spring onion (scallion), a few veggie oil, salt, and of course 5 eggs (for two persons). Wash the spring onion, cut them into small pieces, mix with egg and salt, and they are ready to be fried.


I like the taste when the egg is fried when the oil becomes quite hot. You could try that if you haven´t.

Chiti a linh tiang na hngah ahcun na arti a car deuh lai.


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