Easy Chocolate Banana Toast

So I craved chocolate toast really really bad one night during last week, that kind of craving where your mouth or (your mind) just must have chocolate and nothing else than chocolate will make you feel better. So, I called the gas station downstair, you know, taking laziness to the next level, and asked if they had Nutella. Turned out, they hadn´t. It´s 4 minutes to 10PM and the store nearby was closed already. Totally disappointed, I headed to the kitchen to find anything that looked like chocolate. So I searched everywhere, and at one point, I saw a Nutella jar smiling at me from the back of a shelf.

Let us take a moment of silence!

I was so happy I felt instantly rich or something. Plus, I found a banana that almost died. So, I decided to make a banana chocolate toast. And by the way, the Nutella was actually dying soon, meaning it was almost empty I had to scrape everything out from the wall of the jar. Honestly, all I have written so far are totally useless. If you´ve made this far, I´m sorry and I will really now get to the point.

Changrawh (bread ka leh chommi, a hmanmi ka chim te u law) kha chocolate thuh, banhla riam i chiah, adang changrawh in khuh, chiti tlawm te he mei a sa tuk lo mi ah kio. 

So how you make a chocolate banana toast or two without a toaster is as the following: first, spread the Nutella over your bread, slice the banana, put them over and close with another slice of bread, which is covered with butter or Nutella. Then, heat a frying pan, add a little bit of oil and fry/toast the bread in medium to medium-low heat. Turn the bread when the bread becomes brown and nice.

A thaw tuk.

Sweet December <3 !

Spicy eggplant soy sauce vegetarian dish

I read somewhere that there are male eggplants and female eggplants, and I find it so fascinating. I thought they´re all boys. Males or females, boys or girls, eggplants are delicious. I made this eggplant dish yesterday and I was surprised how tasty it turned out, definitely one of my favourite dish that I´ve cooked so far.

Bonbok a hme tete ka kio mi a thaw tuk sual i ka rak ttial tthan ee.

What we need

o.5 kg – Eggplants (small ones, boys- those that taste a little bitter)

2 tbs – Soy sauce

1 medium size – Onion

Spring onion (scallion)

4 cloves- Garlic

4 pcs (?) – Chili

1 tbs- Oil

1 cup- Water


A herhmi, bonbok, piat, phthnah, khachuan, soy sauce, hmanphek, cite, chiti le ti and si. Minute 12 hrawng ah cun an hmin dih ko.

(the quantity here are just to give some idea, you play with it)

How we do

Wash the eggplants, cut them in half as in this picture, and let them sit in salt water. Salt water? Yeah, get some water in a bowl add a couple pinch of salt in it. This is to reduce the bitterness of the eggplant.

Bonbok hi cite tlawmpal peihmi ti ah kan ciah ahcun a phaknak a zor deuh an ti i ka ciah ko.

Chop your onion, scallion, chilli, and mince the garlic. Heat the pan, add oil and fry onion, garlic and chili. If you want some color, add a pinch of tumeric powder or chilli powder of both. Drain salt water and add the eggplants in the frying pan. Stir and add soy sauce and salt, wait for a couple of minute and half a cup of water and close the lid. After about 5 minutes, add another half cup of water. Another 5 minutes and they´ll be well cooked, and we will add the chopped scallion. And then we´re done!

Buh le tihang a thiangmi te he a tlak tuk.

Remember to stir whenever necessary so that the eggplant won´t stick in the bottom. Also, be careful with how much salt you add, because the eggplants were soaked in salt water before and soy sauce is salty. Serve with rice and may be with a clear broccoli soup to neutralise the very many taste of your dish. You many want to throw away the skins.






Grilled chicken and pennywort salad

(Hmanthlak a tang tete ah LAI holh in ka ttial)

These mix of chicken wings and drumsticks is from Kiwi at First Price and cost around 47NOK (Norwegian Kroner). They are already marinated and are ready for grill. So, we´ll just grill them in the oven at 200 degree (Celcius) for about 30-40 minutes.

Arsa thla le phei cawhmi (Kiwi ah 47Kr hrawng) 200 degree ah suimilam a cheu hrawng rawh, car nawn te duh ahcun minute 40 hrawng

For the pennywort sald, we will need the following.

Some Indian pennywort (as much as you want)

1 Big tomato

1 Onion

Some roasted peanuts

1/4 Lemon


Chili flakes

1 Teaspoon of any oil

Wash the pennyworts, tomato and cut them into small pieces. Slice the onion, crush the peanuts and put everything in a large bowl. Add salt, chilli flakes, oil and squeeze the lemon and mix them well.

Rangtinbelh toh (rangtinbelh tlawmpal, khayanchinti, piat, mepe phomh+cite + hmanphek+retei+chiti tlawmte) 

Serve with or without rice :D. Bon appetit!  I think the chicken will be awesome with some beer!


Arsa rawh hi a al pah i rangtinbelh toh a thor nawn te he aa tlak ngai. 




Norwegian Winter and Salmon

Salmon is hands down one of my favourite Norwegian products. Others include Norwegian water, strawberries and Zalo (dish soap), and that´s all I can think of for now. Back to salmon!

Ka meh meilah (my go-to dinner)

How do you eat your salmon? I´d normally microwave them because it´s the easiest way. I like simplifying processes if the end results are not that different, you know what I mean? But today, I grilled them in the oven and they taste pretty delicious and its also very easy to make, so I thought I´d share. I just wash the salmon, sprinkle with salt, set the oven to 200 degree Celcius and grill them  for about 20 minutes, and that´s how I grill my salmon.

Ngasa ttawl, cite te phulh, 200 degree in rawh, car nawn tein a thaw tuk

Some wise people say that we need to eat salmon at least twice a week in the winter to protect ourselves from the very cold Norwegian winter, and also to take advantage of all the goodness salmon offer. I need not to say more on this, you know better.

Kiwi ah First Price timi kha cawk ah cun a a man aa deng deuh tuk kha mu. Mi cheu, a bikin pa pawl, zoh hmasa loin cawk a hmangmi an tam caah ti bia 😀 A man aa dang tuk lai khah, first price le price lo.

Another round of fried egg: Arti le piathnah kio

I can´t believe I´m back with another post on fried egg. This one is so similar to the last post. But, I fried some eggs (again), took photos and seeing how gorgeous they look, I can´t help but share.

Zingka ah sa chuah na philh sual maw? Arti le phiathnah kio.

This is not a how-to post since about 98% of adult population in the world knows how to fry egg (I just made up the number). If you don´t know how to fry egg, where have you been, bro? JK, it´s completely okay not to know how to fry egg.


This fried egg this time requires a few spring onion (scallion), a few veggie oil, salt, and of course 5 eggs (for two persons). Wash the spring onion, cut them into small pieces, mix with egg and salt, and they are ready to be fried.


I like the taste when the egg is fried when the oil becomes quite hot. You could try that if you haven´t.

Chiti a linh tiang na hngah ahcun na arti a car deuh lai.


Easy Omelette – Arti Kio

(Laiholh in a tang ah)

Eggs must be one of the most versatile foods for everybody, and everybody seems to like egg. Now that I think about it, I´ve never in my life met a person who doesn´t like eggs. Oh wait, may be I should talk to my vegetarian friends first. Anyways, this is what my omelette look like.

I´ve never managed to make a perfect looking omelette, the stuff just always tear apart for some reason. But that´s life, and it aint perfect, right? 😉 

We make ours with the American mix , I´m not sure why this is American, but this is very delicious and versatile. And by we, I mean, my bestfriend/roommate and myself.

Half a package + 4 to 5 eggs  are enough for two
The mix is about 12 Kr from Kiwi, I forgot the exact price. 

If you haven´t tried this, I highly recommend this one. You just simply fry the mix and add the eggs when it’s cooked. And no, it is not necessary to defrost the veggie mix.

Half a pack of the American mix + ca. 4 eggs are good for two! 

This omelette goes very well with this chilli mix, and also with rice.


Siangngakchia amah tein a ummi poah nih cun sianginn kai chung ah, ca leng in arti kio dan a phunphun khi thiam beh a si. A si lo hmanh ah microwave in zeidah hmin lak in chuan khawh a si ti tal cu hlathlai cio si.

How do you make chilli mix? Let´s do some math; dried chilli + onion + koriander + warm water + salt = chili mix
How do you make chilli mix? Let´s do some math; dried chilli + onion + koriander + warm water + salt = chili mix

American mix hi Norway rawl dawr tampi ah cawk khawh a si. Kan cawk tawnnak cu Kiwi ah a si i a man a fawi te, 12Kr hrawng si rua, ka philh. Bawm cheu le arti pum 4 hrawng khi Flo he kan i za.

Sabuti nan ngai cio maw? Election ni khi Flo he kan chuang hnik nain bel kan ngei lo.
Sabuti nan ngai cio maw? Election ni khi Flo he kan chuang hnik nain bel kan ngei lo.

Sabuti hmanphek le buh he ei chih ah a thaw ngai. Tuah dan cu a fawi tuk i chim zong a hau lo nain ka hei chim ko lai mu, ralrin ah. American mix na zaat zat in kio law a hmin in khan arti peih chih law a dih ko. Tlek lo tein, dawh nawn tein, na kio khawh ahcun a rauh hlan ah phaisa naa hmuh te lai.

College Kitchen Essentials – Siangngakchia Coka

Do you ever wonder about how college students make food, or what  college students´ kitchen look like for that matter? Well, may be you don´t care. But still, let me write this post.

Even though we are away from home and all, since we still need to eat food as human beings and eating out is just too expensive, we do cook our meals with normal kitchen utensils hehe. So, here are the kitchen essentials that a not-so-average college student have in their kitchen. And by not so average, I mean that I enjoy food and cooking a little more than normal people and that I´ve been away from home for quite a long time, so I think I have a little more of kitchen stuffs than an average student.

Enough with intro, let´s just get into it.

Number 1 essential is water boiler thing, which I don´t know the exact English name. Rachel bought it, so that explains the colour.

Rachel bought it, that´s why it´s pink.
Tisa sonak cu a ho poah caah a herh bikmi a si ko ti. 

Number 2 is cooking pot, this can do so many things, oh and, this can even replace the water boiler as no. 1 essential. May be this is number 1, I don´t know.

Bel pakhat cu ngeih hrimhrim a hau cu mu.
Bel pakhat cu ngeih hrimhrim a hau cu mu.

Let´s put the frying pan in number 3, because as a college student, you´re going to fry a lot of eggs. That´s the tradition. Personally, I think the larger the frying pan, the better for easier meal prep.

Ukang lo cun si kho bak lo, arti kio lo cun ei ding a tlawm tuk.
Ukang lo cun si kho bak lo, arti kio lo cun ei ding a tlawm tuk.

Rice cooker makes all thing easy. So, 4th essential, it is. For some reason, this photo of this rice cooker makes me so sad and I don´t even know why. Poor rice cooker!

Mah tein ser rak si hlah sehlaw minung tampi caah a rak buai ngai hnga, a bik in Asian pawl :D
Mah tein ser rak si hlah sehlaw minung tampi caah a rak buai ngai hnga, a bik in Asian pawl 😀

I almost forgot, here are number 5, the knife and the cutting board.

Namte lo cun zeitin hen kan si lai, ti ko?
Namte lo cun zeitin hen kan si lai, ti ko?

Bachelor number 6 is this, the microwave! This is not essential, but a very useful one.

A herh bakmi cu a si lo nain, san a tlai tuk.
A herh bakmi cu a si lo nain, san a tlai tuk.

And, the coffee maker. If you love coffee like me, this thing will save you so much money. Look at the picture, the coffee maker is so dirty, I´m sorry, but that´s just life. A lot of things are not clean and sparkly in real life ;), kidding, I´ll clean it tomorrow.

Coffee a rammi nih cun mah lawng um zong ah i cawk bak ding si.
Coffee a rammi nih cun mah lawng um zong ah i cawk bak ding si.

Last thing is not even essential. You probably won´t even know what that is. But mortar and pestle are very common in Asian kitchen.

Norway ummi sum lakah a ngan bik
Norway ummi sum lakah a ngan bik

Now, you don´t normally have this thing if you are a college student. But, I thought I was starting a very real life as a full-time adult when I first moved out from home for college, hehe. I actually bought a lot of weird stuffs in my first year in Kristiansand because I was so exited about living an independent life, you know what I mean.

Okok, I should get out of kitchen and food related thoughts and do my homework. See you in my next post! <3