Ka Uar Bikmi Hotel Phun: Favourite Hotel in Bali, Indonesia

(Photo credit goes to the amazing Nathalie Saabye <3)

Nai hrawng cu ka ca tuah ding a tam tuk nain, ka tuah taktak mi nak in, ka ca tuah ding a tam tuk ti ka chimmi (a si lo hmanhah ka ruahmi) a tam deuh rua ka ti. Miak lo tak phun khi. Atu hi a ho hmanh nih an ka fial lo buin, ruah lo piin, hotel kong ttial ka lung a chuak tuk i kaa thawh. Khualtlawn ka haw pah i a si fawn, ka battery a dih hnik cang kan ti lai cu. Kei ka battery cu khualtlawn khi a si. Khualtlawn nih hin sianginn le biakinn le adangdang nih an kan chimh khawh lomi tampi an kan cawnpiak tiah ka ruah, nain mah kong cu chim kaa tim lo. Bali kong ka chim lai i lawlawse khual a tlawng kho rih lomi paoh seihku kan zin hna lai cu. Mu?

Let´s talk about Bali
Plumeria is so Bali and I love it. When I become a full-time adult with a family home and stuffs, I will plant so many of these trees in my garden, if I get to live in a tropical place. 

Bali, Indonesia hi 2012 lio ah khan ka kal i khual ka tlawnmi vialte lakah ka uar bik pakhat ah aa tel (ka uar lomi zong cu a tlawm). January, Norway khua a sih lingcing ah kan kal caah a nuam khun in ka thei. Thla khat le a cheu chung Indonesia i hmun tampi ah kan i tthial lengmeng i hotel a phunphun ah kan tlung, aa santer ngai mi zong ah kan um i tikholhnak ti a chuak kho set lomi zong ah kan um. Sianginn in kan kalmi a si i khuapi le khuate an tthancho dan zeitin dah aa thlau ti kan zoh caah a phunphun ah an kan tlunpi nak a si kan ti lai cu. Mah vialte lakah ka uar bikmi cu Bali (Kuta) i a ummi The Radiant Hotel and Spa timi hotel hi ka uar bikmi a si.

One of the pools
Pool Number 1 at the Radiant Hotel and Spa in Kuta Bali

The Radiant hi a hmasa bik Indonesia kan phanh ah kan tlunnak a si. An rate mi cu 4 stars a si. Kan tlunmi pawlah a man a fak bik a si lo nain ka uar bik a si. Ka hawi nu he superior room (standard a dih ruang ah mu) pakhat kan i hrawm i zaan 4 ah 345 US dollar kan pek. Minung pa hnih kan i tthenh ahcun aa deng tuk tthiam. Nain Indonesia tuak in tuak ahcun aa deng lo. Kan room hi a ngan ngai, ihkhun pa hnih a um i innleng chuah bak ah tilionak (pool) a um colh. A pawngte ah rawleinak hall a um.

Right outside our room was the pool
Behind that dustbin is our room. Nathalie and I shared a superior Double room (just because they ran out of standard ones), which is spacious and very nice. We paid 345USD for 4 nights for the room. It was in 2012 😀 I write this just because I miss travelling.

An hotel hi Bali airport he aa naih ngai. Voi khat ke in kan va kal. Khua chung hnachehnak ah um loin a kam te ah khin amah tein dai tein a va um i zaan ih a nuam ngai. Khuachung ah kal duh tikah taxi in kal a hau nain aa naih ngai ko. An kulh dihmi dum pakhat ah khin a um i inn a sang tuktuk lomi 5 hrawng (ka philh) a um rua ka ti. An website ah zoh te khawh a si ko. http://www.theradianthotel.com A zapi ah tilionak pahnih an ngei.

Night View
Unlike many other hotels, this one is situated in a little bit outside of the city. Very okay for people who´d appreciate peace and quite in the night time, also privacy. The city is less than 10 mins from the hotel and the staffs here are very nice and helpful. 

Ka uar tuk nak cu hotel nakin inn a lo deuh, kei cu hotel i sizung phunphai le zung phunphai a lo tuk lawmmam mi ka uar lo. Hotel a lo tukmi zong ka uar lo, zei ka ti lai, private nawn tein a ummi a hlan chan mirum inn a lo mi khi ka uar. Mirum inn ka ti duhnak cu innhmun kaupi a um i a inn chanthar (modern) tuk lomi khi ti bia. Tuchan architecture pawl hi ka inn ca dingah ka uar tuk lo, institution an lo i a kik mi an lo ka ti. Mah kha cu biapehpar.

One of my fav courtyards
Right there is pool number 2: I like it very much when it rains in Bali. Raindrops are giant and kinda warm. Now i want to go there. You can see more photos of the hotel on their website. Google them or I link here somewhere as well.

The Radiant cu an dum a kau i thingkung tete pangpar tete a um i ka uar tuk. Plumeria kung pawl zong a um i ka uar tuk chinchin. An rianttuan tu pawl an ttha tuk, service a ttha tuk ka ti lai cu. An rian an thiam tuk fawn. Bali i hotel cheu khat cu mirang khi a zoh sang tuk hna i anmah a lomi khi zeirel lo an hmang i mah zia cu luak a chuak tuk ka ti, ningzak a um tuk, ka zaang zong an fak. The Radiant cu an si (rua) lo, ka hmuh tawk ah.

the front
These are my friends and my head 😀 The day after we arrived Bali. I think we were off to hit the beach. We were 9, all girls and it was so much fun. 

An thaithawh hi cu, a za ko, ti ding khi a si, a mak tuk lawmmam a si lem lo. An rawl cu a thaw ngai nain a man a fak ngai. Nain hotel restaurant ah cun ei a um tuk lo cu mu. Airport ah an kan don, an kan thlah, khuachung kal lai poahah taxi an kan cah piak, cheu khat bantuk in kan cah lai a ti i a rau tak phun khi an si lo hen ta, welcome drink hna khi an kan pek i a fancy ngaimi khi a lo i a nuam ngai. Bali cu khualtlawn a huammi nih cun tlolh lo ding ah ka ruah, kei zong kal tthan ka duh i Pathian nih a ka zaangfah i ka kal tthan khawh bak cun The Radiant ah ka tlung tthan ko lai.

Another college food – Humberger meat in disguise

Ok, sister is back with another cooking post! Like I don’t have enough writing to do as it is now with all the mid-term hand-ins, I’m still gonna go ahead and write this. Because writing food is almost as much fun as eating hehe.


This one also is a typical student food that is inexpensive, easy to make, and yet very delicious. I’m not sure how healthy this is, though, as there will be frying involved.

Cost less than 30Kr at Kiwi
Cost less than 30Kr at Kiwi
Frozen green bean from Kiwi
Frozen green bean from Kiwi

First, we’ll cut our meat patties (karbonaderkaker) into small pieces and fry them until they turn brown. Second, we will fry the green beans with a little bit of minced garlic in the leftover oil from the previous frying. And that is pretty much it. Serve with or without rice and a little bit of chili on the side.

5 of some cute blessings – A hme tete a lomi thluachuah duhnung tete

1) You casually throw an old jacket on, put your hands in the pockets and one of your hands suddenly touches a 200Kr note.

2) When you see this note in your PO box, `Your package is ready for pick up.´´

3) That moment you hit Submit button after you upload your big assigment on fronter or blackboard or itslearning or whatever you call it.

4) That day you have an extra hour because they change the time for winter.

5) Waking up to the sound of pouring rain (what a Skid Row reference!) and knowing you don´t have to go outside.

Van i coh thluahmah i a voi khatnak van i dinh ah khi can bak a phanh lio khi :D When liquid level is exactly there after the first long gulp
Van i coh thluahmah i a voi khatnak van i dinh ah khi can bak a phanh lio khi 😀 When liquid level is exactly there after the first long gulp

(in Chin- Lai holh)

  1. Anglileng a tthingmi zal ah philh cangmi phaisa van sum sual lio te

2) Khuasik lai nazi an thawn caah nazi pakhat a hlei in ih khawh lio te

3) Zingka thawh, ruah sur tak, kalnak um lem lo

4) Ramdang thil cahmi post box ah ah van hmuh lio

5) Sianginn ap ding ca a har ngai mi van dih i van ap dih ka te

Fall in Kristiansand
Fall in Kristiansand

Ca hna zoh cio hna u sih law peh tthan te hna u sih law. <3

Nu pawl nun cawisan kan timi lengmang mi kongah … About women empowerment and gender equality

Nu le pa thleidannak a um ti lo nak hnga vawlei ning piin i zuam cuahmah a si hi mu. Thleidan ti tikah kan hngalh dih cio bang, nu a niam deuh in hmuh i pa nakin hmunhma pek deuh lo khi kan ti duh cio mi cu a si. Hi ti nu hmuhniam deuhnak hi tthanchonak a dontu tiah vawlei hruiatu hna nih an ruah caah nu le pa thleidannak a tlau nak hnga timi tinhmi hi UN tuahmi minthang Millennium Development Goals i a pathumnak ah kum 2000 lioah chiah a rak si.

ON the road
Aurskog in Summer

Laimi hi hi bantuk thleidannak kongah zei kan lawh taktak ti hi fiang in ka thei taktak lo, ka hmuhmi a tlawm tuk rih. Nu hruaitu an tlawm nain, an um lo a si lo. Nain ka hmuh tawnmi cu hruaitu pahnih, nu le pa um hna seh law, an pahnih in a dakral ngaingaimi, a ral a ttha ngaimi si hna sehlaw, nu khi cu a hngal tuk ti aa huah pah lengmang. A holh kho ngaimi nu le pa um hna sehlaw, nu khi cu, nu fafa nih a holh tam tuk, ti a si tawn. Pakhat a um rihmi cu, nu le va khi khualtlawnnak in ba tuk in inn an rak tlung tti i nu cu coka ah a lut colh i rawl ei ding a chuang colh. Pa cu aa hei din ko. A ruang cu coka rian cu nu rian a si ti tiah ruah a si caah mu. Pa khi a tthawng deuh in hmuh an si ttung i, ziah thabat ciocio ko ahcun, a tthawng deuhmi pa nih ta rawlei ding hna cu an khan i a tha a der deuhmi nu khi aa dinh, ti khi ka ruat pah tawn. A lettaling in kan um rua ti awk khin.


Innchungkhar zohkhenh, innrian ttuan hi zeitluk indah a neknawi a tam i rian fawi te a si lo zia a zohkhenh balmi nih cun hngalh dih a si. A lengah rian ttuan ahcun nikhat ah suimilam 8 chung ttuan in a dang suimilam poah cun rian in off a si, innchungkhar rian ah cun off ti a um lo. A tam deuh cu pa hi a lengah ttuan a si i lahkah an ei caah annih hi abiapi ah chiah an si i innchungkhar rian hi phaisa a chuahpi lo caah, inn ah a um sawh ko, ti in auh a si i a biapi lo ah chiah a si. A poinak cu, cu ti a ruatmi hi pa lawng an si lo in nu tampi zong an si.


UN nih nu le pa thleidannak a zor deuh le deuh lo tahnak ah an hmanmi pathum a um; nu sianginn a kaimi zat, lahkhah phaisa a chuahpi mi rian ah a ttuanmi nu zat, cozah parliament ah nu a tthumi zat, timi pawl hi an si. Hi tahfung pawl hi an tha tuk ko nain, ka lung a tling lomi cu phaisa a chuahpi mi rian ah ttuan lawng hi nu nunnak cawisan a si ti sullam a va ngeih ter hi a si. Vawlei cungah hin phaisa a chuahpi (rih) lo nain khuaruahhar in a biapi mi rian hi a tam tuk. Cu vialte lakah hin innchungkhar zohkhenh hi aa tel. A ruang cu minung a tampi caah a biapi bikmi hi an innchungkhar a si cio lai tiah ka ruah caah a si. Kanu le kapa nih an kan ti lengmang mi cu, kan nun hnawh chan hi kan fale nan si, ti hi a si i nu le pa tampi caah zong a hman ko lai. Cu ti a si ko kun ah, ziah vawlei cung i a biapi bikmi pawl zohkhenh hi a biapi lo tuk ah kan chiah hnga ka ti.


Nu pawl cawisan (women empowerment) hi lakkhah tampi a pe mi rian pek zong cu a va si ko lai, nain a biapi tuk mi, an tuah tawnmi innchungkhar le fa le zohkhenh hi a khing rihter, man ngei tuk ah chiah piak hi kan bau tuk rih. Nu paoh poah nih hruaitu si ve, pa tuahmi ka tuah khawh ve ti va zuam len an i tim theng lai lo. Nu tampi hi buaktlak in cun innchungkhar zohkhenh thiam deuh a si caah a leng ah rianttuan in phaisa tampi chuahpi nak in innchungkhar zohkhenh aa duh duehmi zong an um ko lai. Cu bantuk thimnak an tuah ruangah siseh, thim ding an ngeih lo ruangah innchungkhar zoh an kiah tikah siseh a niam deuh in, santlai lo deuh in hmuh hi kan i tthinh ahcun vawlei cungah upatnak a tam deuh ngai lai ka ti. Cu bantuk in pa nih innchungkhar zohkhenh an i thim tik zongah zohniam lo le santlai lo deuh in hmuh hi um ti hlah sehlaw mah le rian cio te ttuan siseh law a nuam ngai lai ti?

Kan i dan ko caah thleidan ding kan si, nain zoh niam hlei ding kan si lo tiah ka ruah. Pa a sang deuh ko tiah a ruatmi tampi nih an i tleih bikmi cu Bible i cawnpiaknak cheukhat a si tawn tikah a biapi tuk in ka chiah ve ko. Nain, Jesuh vailam i a thih ah khan kha bantuk zohniam thleidannak vial te, a ho kar a si zong ah, a hrawh dih i a niam deuh tiah ruahmi vialte luatnak pek dih an si tiah ka zumh. Nu nih va le cu upat i va le nih nupi le cu dawt ning ti a si, nupi le nih va le dawt an tlolh lo bu tein va le zong nih nupi le upat hi tlolh ve lo ahcun aa dawh tukmi a va si hnga.

Vigeland Park in Oslo

Nu kan si zong, pa kan si zong ah Pathian nih talent an kan pek cio tikah nu tampi hi mihruai thiamnak talent a pekmi an tam pi ve lai. Nu an si ruang ah cu bantuk laksawng kan hman ter duh lo cu kan sung tuk lai lo maw ka ti. Zei statistic hmanh chirhchan hau lo in, nu a niam deuhin hmuhnak ram pawl hi vawlei cungah a tthangcho deuh lo mi ram deuh ah a si ko ti cu nan lung a tling cio lai tiah ka ruah ko. Ram tthangcho pipi, nu le pa thleidannak a tlawm deuh ti i ruahmi zong ah a chung taktak van luh ahcun soi ding tete cu a um peng rih ko ti cu ka pom ko. Nain, buaktlak in cun nu hmunhma a pe deuhmi ram hi an tthangcho deuh ko lo maw ka ti.

Ahodah Rung Tlang a chim? Who Broke Mount Rung?

Kan hnu ah khan Norway ummi Chin Relief Committee nih Oslo ah seminar kan tuah i a kong tlawmpal zong post pakhat ah ka ttial bal. Mah lio i an kan telpi mi Pu Victor Biak Lian nih a chimmi pawl lakah ka lung ah a tang ngaimi, khua a ka ruah ter tuk mi cu, Laitlang a rawhmi hi kanmah ruang ah a si i tu hnu in cun kan nundan (ways of life) kan thlen hrimhrim a hau cang, timi hi a si.

Norway i thinkung le ramkung an dawtning hi Norway a ummi Laimi nih kan ceih lengmang mi a si; an zohkhenh dan le an dawt dan kan hmuh ah kan Laitlang thingram a dawt le a zohkhenh kan thiam lo dan an kan hngalh ter ngai tawn.

Photo credit: Lian Hakha
Photo credit: Lian Hakha

Nai i kan tonmi thingkung kan hau tuk ruangah a si tiah na ruat maw ka hngal lo, nain kei ka zumh ngaimi a si. Thingkung kan hau, tuuhmawng kan ttheh tikah, a rawkmi hi thingkung le vawlei lawng si loin saram pawl nunnak ca zong ah hrawktu a si. Vawlei zong nih ti le ruah a dawp in ttha tein a fim kho ti lo. Vawilei nawn zong a tlau dih.

Kan mawh maw ti ah cun mawh lo bak nak cu kan hngalh cio dih. Zei in dah rawl kan chuan lai, zei in dah inn kan sak hnga, zeidah kan i toh lai, cun, ok, chim chap ti duh hlah ning. Hngalh cia a si ko i.

Photo Credit: Lian Hakha
Photo Credit: Lian Hakha

Nain, kan luan ve nak pakhat cu kan kut aa thleh tuk. Ka chim duhmi cu ramlak ah kan kal tikah thing caah kan phorh lo ko ding, zei hmanh zong a kan ti lo mi thingkung no tete sam ta duak le themh phunphai kan hman mi khi cu a poi tuk ka ti, atu ka ruah ah ka thling a za, an hmaikhah zong a si lo, a sertu hna hmai khah zong a si lo. Ziah namte a harmi te kan i put le cangka tein sam lo le hau lo in kan um khawh hnga lo, ka ti.

Photo Credit: Lian Hakha
Photo Credit: Lian Hakha

Atu kan tonmi nih hin fim tampi kan chim hram seh ti ka duh tuk. Ka duh lawng si loin a zumh zong ka zumh, kan nun dan an kan ruahter tthan tu a si hrim hrim lai ka ti. Zeitluk in dah rawhral hi a fah ti kan hngalh cang caah zohkhenh a kan thiam ter deuh lai tiah zumh hrimhrim. Lungfim deuh nih hi kong hi tampi aupi, chimpi, ceihpi, cawmpiak tu cu kan herh. Hi lio caan hmanh ah hin thingram le kan vawlei dawtnak kong awareness tuah kan tlolh ahcun mitam pi bantuk in thingram kilvennak lei chimh kan har chinchin men lai.Laimi hi ka hmuhmi balmi miphun tampi nak in cun miphun le ram a dawmi kan si tiah ka ruah. Dawt a herhnak kong ttha tein chimh kan si i kan i fian i kan hngalh ko ahcun lungfim bu tein aa tuah hramhram mi cu kan um hmanh ah a tlawm pacik te kan si lai ka ti. Kan nunnak caah thinghau a herhmi zong hi atu ahcun a zor thluahmah ko cang, a zor chinchin rih lai. Atu hmanh ah Hakha ah electric ttha tein a ngah cang cu mu. Thil ttha tampi a chuak te ko lai tiah ka zumh ko.

Photo Credit: Lian Hakha
Photo Credit: Lian Hakha

A tawinak in:

Tutan rawhnak kan tonmi hi kanmah minung tuahsernak ruang ah a chuakmi a si tiah ka ruah. Kan mawh lo nak cu kan nunnak caah kan herh caah kan tuah a herh bak mi a si. Kan mawh nak cu a herh lo tiang in kan hrawk tuk, kan kut a fim lo tuk. Atu ah electric mei lei le adangdang lei in tthanchonak a chuak chin lengmang caah kan nunnak caah thingkung hau i bochan hi a zor chinchin cang lai. Cu bantuk konglam nih tampi kan thingram a khamh hna bantuk in kanmah zong kan zia le kan nundan tampi kan i remh a hau. Kan i remh lawng si loin dawt le zohkhenh kan thiam nakhnga zong kan cawn chin lengmang a herh. Cu bantuk i cawnpiaknak caah atu hlei in caan ttha a um ti lo (um ti hram hlah seh). Hi i cawnpiak hi kan tlolh lo hrimhrim a hau.